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Welcome to Blind Warrior custom web design! "Blind Warrior" is the pen name of Justin Eldracher, age 25, who has taught himself Visual Basic, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. I call myself "Blind Warrior" because I learned HTML before I ever went on the internet, and thus I was writing my own websites without ever having seen one! In that sense I was blind, because I couldn't see what other websites look like. "Web Warrior" is the name of a series of programming books which I have found very useful, and thus I combined the two to get "Blind Warrior".
I specialize in server-side web programming with PHP, so I am quite adept at writing Content Management Systems with administrative accounts. (This is one, by the way...) I have used the pre-made WordPress and PrestaShop CMS Systems and can install them easily. I use the jQuery, Bootstrap, and Font Awesome frameworks for all of my projects to get a uniform and "modern" look.
If you wish to contact me about site building, please leave me a message. For the actual publishing of the site, I can either publish the site on GoDaddy or another hosting provider with a custom domain, or I can send the files to you in a zip archive for you to publish on your own.
So far I have written the following sites: