My favorite program that I have written so far is a desktop timer. I use it in count-up mode to keep track of how much time I spend on the computer every day. It keeps an automatic log file of when it was used and for how long, which I find convenient. It also has a count-down mode, which displays a custom message and plays a custom sound when the time is up. The program is written in the Java programming language, so the only system requirement is the java platform, available for download at The program is completely portable - you can put the folder anywhere you want and run the program without installing anything. The best thing about it is that it's free, so go ahead and download it!
Have you ever gone to a website and found yourself wishing you could cover up an indecent add without turning all your images off or blocking the area forever with AdBlock Plus? Well I have, and so I typed a few lines of Java and came out with Screen Blockers: blank windows that are always on top of your other windows and can reproduce themselves to the hundreth degree if you click the "New Screen Blocker" button enough times. The only system requirement is the Java platform (see link above). No extra files are necessary, except the settings file, which is automatically generated. Download Screen Blockers!
I am not much of a video gamer, as I prefer to spend my time doing more useful things. Out of curiosity, however, I did waste enough time to write a video game of the classic board-game of Battleship. You can play it online or download a zip archive to run on your own computer.
If you do download some of my software, please leave me a message and tell me how you liked it. Suggestions are welcome because there's always room for improvement!