Super Desktop Timer

Super Desktop Timer is available as a Java executable file (Super Desktop Timer.jar). It can be run on Windows, Mac, Linux, you name it! The only system requirement is the Java platform. Windows users can download a self-extracting exe installer, but everyone else will have to be content with an ordinary zip archive to extract yourself. To update the program, download the latest version of the .jar file with the Upload link below and replace the current executable with the newest version. The latest version is:

If you are using the self-extracting installer for Windows, your anti-virus software might freek out because it is so new, the publisher could not be verified, and whatever else they complain about. You'll just have to take my word for it that it is not a virus.

In my opinion, running the program is exremely simple. In count-down mode, though, I will say that you cannot change the amount of time while the timer is running, but if you pause it you can change the amount of time, hit continue, and the timer will continue with the new time. You can have a count-up and a count-down timer running at once, though I don't see why you would want to. Currently the timer can play any mp3, wav, au, or aiff sound file as an alert, but all other sound files are not yet supported. I don't know why at the moment, but I've found that the Macintosh operating system cannot play an mp3 file so I have added Mac-specific restrictions so you won't get an error while using the program.

Super Desktop Timer has two different popup menus, the one on the left allows you to change the background and foreground colors, change your notification preferences, toggle Always on Top, view the log file, and check for updates. The menu on the right pops up when you click on the count-up display area or the count-down text boxes. It allows you to controll the timer without using the buttons, which is necessary in collapsed mode. Collapsed mode is a method of running the program so it takes up as little space as possible on the screen. You can see the timer in collapsed mode below. To exit collapsed mode, click the same item on the popupmenu because it will now say "Expand Timer", as shown below. The last item in the popup menu on the right terminates the program when clicked.

On Windows and other systems that support it, Super Desktop Timer has an icon in the system tray. When you click the close button in the upper right (or left, in other systems) it merely hides the timer, and you restore it by double-clicking the icon in the system tray. When the program is showing, double-clicking the system tray icon toggles between minimized and normal states. You terminate the program with the popup menu for the system tray icon or with the last item on the controls popup menu. On a Macintosh computer, Super Desktop Timer has a Preferences and a Controls menu which correspond to the two popup menus. Clicking the X button in the upper left corner of the windows terminates the program.

Yes I know the screenshots are all from W7, but that's what I find to be the best computer out there. So there!